Friday, December 2, 2011

image analysis

The image analysis poster was intended to help students identify different movements in design history that are still present today. We were told to choose some sort of current design piece and then dissect that piece of work and highlight its influences. 

octavo vs. mosaic

This paper compares octavo books to the mosaic web browser. We were supposed to choose two different creations, from different time periods, and then compare and contrast the two.

arts and crafts and the private press presentation

I chose to do my graphic design history presentation on the arts and crafts and the private press. I have always been drawn to this time in design and I feel like it has greatly influenced my style of design.

locating place: east austin book

The East Side is an emerging subculture of Austin that can be defined through its traditional community, mysterious atmosphere, and strong focus on art. This book focuses on two aspects that are associated with East Austin: art and trash. I  combined photos of found objects from around the area with graphic overlays, in hopes to repurpose and highlight these strange findings. My goal was to enhance the striking qualities of the objects and show how the two worlds can work together to create interesting collaborations that represent East Austin.

locating place: east austin video

For this project I decided to focus on the color palate of East Austin. I feel like that colors in the area are a major defining aspect of the culture. The video begins with small square photos of different places around East Austin. Those photos then transform into a color swatch of the dominating color of that photo. The color swatch then breaks out of its square, bleeding into the streets of East Austin. The black and white video in the background is a documentation of a typical street in the East Side. 

tasa book

The Tasa book was designed as a guide for an upcoming art conference at St. Edward's University. The challenge was managing such a large amount of text for a small book. The theme was "Art + Community" so I tried to play along with that theme by keeping the color palate neutral and combining speaker photographs with patterns of their work.